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Studying Madagascar

I'm a Parent Home Educator and am putting together info & resources from around the net for this week's lesson studying Madagascar Africa and how it came to be. I'm finding a lot of good info and this is a playlist of w...

By Tina Little-Coltrane Steps: 7 Views: 16433 - States And Capitals
U.S. Geography States For Fourth Grade

Here are a few websites and games to do in your research for U.S. Geography.

By 2 editors Steps: 7 Views: 71103

Española A América Latina
Emigración Española A América

Fuentes y recursos fílmicos sobre la emigración española a América.

By Ignacio Javier Menéndez ... Steps: 3 Views: 3411

As Desigualdades Socioeconômicas No Brasil

Atividades para discutir as desigualdades sócio econômicas entre os alunos do 2° ano.

By Valdeny Santos Steps: 4 Views: 3610

Grade 4 - Unit 2 - La Tarea
Grade 4 - Unit 2 - Los Exploradores

A collection of material to enhance the language learning (L2) of Clubview students within and beyond the classroom.

By Marlene Culpepper Steps: 6 Views: 4359

Canada Map

Social Studies, geography, government, culture

By jill brandeberry Steps: 20 Views: 20693

CultureGrams Online Database: Subscriber Area Only
U.S. Geography

Information on U.S. Geography

By Kari Adams Steps: 12 Views: 11731

Grade 9 Geography
Grade 9 Human- Environment Interactions

Students can use this resource in order to clarify their understanding of Canada's renewable and non renewable resources as well as ensuring resource sustainability in Canada.

By Erica Zaharias Steps: 6 Views: 2635

Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics

Pangaea, Plate Tectonics, geography

By jill brandeberry Steps: 5 Views: 3066

Visit Russia In Pictures.
Russia Land And Culture

Let's study Russia.

By Linda Hudson Steps: 11 Views: 9106

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