Video Games As Learning Tools
#Edmeet Recap Games In Education 5/18

a compilation of the sources shared during the #edmeet chat from 5/18

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Gaming Is Good For You (Infographic)
Game Based Learning

I created this playlist for an assignment for my class, W531 Computers in Education. I am a middle school media specialist, so I will be focusing on games used in secondary education.

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IXL - Adding 1
Counting On 1, 2 Or 3 Extra Practice

Practice counting on 1, 2 or 3 with these games.

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Play MatchIt Sentences Game
ESOL II 1st Six Weeks Words

Play these games to practice using your new words

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A Neurologist Makes The Case For The Video Game Model As A Learning Tool
Learning Games

Teaching Kids how to create a learning game

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YouTube - School
Violent Video Games

Jevon, Masashi, Agnes, Werner we are sharing some interesting sources for how violent video games affect you.

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Present-perfect Vs. Past Tense Game
Present Perfect Games & Exercises

Play, Practice, Have Fun

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My Review Games

Review Games

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Fair Trade Chocolate Play List

Multicultural Ethical Issues Class

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YouTube - Best Android Game Of 2013 For Kids
Android Applications And Games

android applications and development article,news.

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