Infographic: The Flipped Classroom
Media 350 Flipped Classroom Concept 2.0

Turning the classroom of old on end, the Flipped Classroom brings back time to teach.

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Blended Learning Is More Than....
Teaching Online

Use the web in your instruction? Teach entirely online? Something in between? There are infinite possibilities for your future in teaching and learning. Check out this series of articles by Rob Darrow

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El Altimetro
Radio Ayudas

Tools that can be used to flip the classroom

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Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
Using Technology To Maximize Instructional Time

This playlist is an organized collection of strategies designed to help teachers efficiently utilize technology as a tool for learning.

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Why Incorporate Technology In The Foreign Language Classroom? | Foreign Language Begins With T
Technology In The Foreign Language Classroom

How- to's, resources, ideas, examples, tools to incorporate technology into the foreign language classroom

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Five Best Practices For The Flipped Classroom

The best practices

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What Do You Know About Flipped Classroom?
Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Professional Development - Monday October 14, 2013. To prepare for the professional development, please watch the videos in this playlist.

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Blended Learning In Plain English
Blended Learning

How to blend your lessons

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Khan Academy
Websites Of Online Video Lectures

These websites offer aggregates of videos that can be beneficial in academic settings.

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Place Value

Place Value: to the 1,000 place (2nd - 3rd grade) - aligned with Everyday Math Lesson 10.8

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