Infographic: The Flipped Classroom
Media 350 Flipped Classroom Concept 2.0

Turning the classroom of old on end, the Flipped Classroom brings back time to teach.

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El Altimetro
Radio Ayudas

Tools that can be used to flip the classroom

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Flipping For Fitness
#Flipclass Chat 5/21/12

What activities have been the most beneficial to your students since switching/trying a #flipclass? Shared sources from this week

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#Flipclass Chat 7/9

“What tech tool(s) have you learned recently that you’re going to use next year?” Hosted by Crystal Kirch (@crystalkirch)

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Explain Everything
#ipadflip Resources

Resources shared during 'Creating multimedia with the iPad in a flipped environment'. Hoseted by Christopher Tully (@cteduonline)

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#FlipClass Twitter Chat 8/20/2012

This is a playlist of different tools that make your flipped classroom possible. Hosted by Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo)

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What Do You Know About Flipped Classroom?
Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Professional Development - Monday October 14, 2013. To prepare for the professional development, please watch the videos in this playlist.

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An Introduction To The Flipped Classroom Model
Flipped Classroom Introduction For Students

Just 3 GREAT short videos on what exactly is the "Flipped Classroom" Model, and the BENEFITS thereof.

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Teaching For Tomorrow: Flipped Learning
Flipped Classroom Concept - Copy

Turning the classroom of old on end, the Flipped Classroom brings back time to teach.

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YouTube - Flipping The Classroom - Simply Speaking
Flipped Classroom

A couple of resources to orient people to the concept of the 'flipped classroom'.

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