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"Does Democracy Work?" Preliminary Readings

Whet your appetite for our intellectual exploration of democratic efficiency with these preliminary readings!

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Freedom Of Speech

In the constitution there are Bills of rights to protect the people for the government one of them is freedom of speech.

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Does Democracy Work? A Debate

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Spanish Transition To Democracy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Transition To Democracy In Spain: An Introduction

The main cultural topic we study in A2 is the Spanish transition to Democracy which took place in the second half of the 20th century. Although we will study this topic in depth in Spanish, this introduction is mostly in...

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Comparing Systems Of Government
Types Of Government

In this playlist you will learn to distinguish between different forms of government. An emphasis will be placed on the contrast between republican and democratic governments.

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Web Sudoku - Billions Of Free Sudoku Puzzles To Play Online


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YouTube - Walter E Williams - Democratic Tyranny
Democracy And Human Rights

Is democracy a protector of the People's rights or does it degrade their rights? Please check out the playlist and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.

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YouTube - Intrade On Stossel (Fox) With James Surowiecki
Small "d" Democracy And Voting

Collection of clips and readings I think are interesting on how effective and functional is democracy.

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Does Democracy Work?
Does Democracy Work Josh's Playlist

This playlist first analyses problems with Democracy and then goes into solutions for producing public goods that are often relied on by Democratic rules. The Mentor-mob Playlist relies heavily on the assumption that Dem...

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Six Principles Discussion
Six Principles Of The Constitution

Using the six principles of the Constitution, students have to determine which principle is the most significant to the protection of democracy in the United States.

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