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Research & Debate

These are videos used in our 7th grade Research and Debate Blog

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Free Technology For Teachers: Fair Use, Copyright, And Educational Blogging
MSDSC Copyright & Royalty Free Resources

Learn more about Copyright in the classroom. Please check out some of these links to Royalty Free Resources (Audio, Video...and more) that students can use for projects in your classroom!

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Copyright Corner
Copyright Corner

A playlist of resources for teachers and students

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Copyright And Creative Commons | Common Craft
Copyright Law

4 minute video from Common Craft about what the US Copyright Law is about.

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O Que é O CC? | Creative Commons Brasil
Creative Commons

Entendo um pouco sobre a licença Creative Commons

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Copyright, Plagiarism, And Ethical Behavior With Intellectual Pro

Learners should have a comprehensive understanding of copyright, plagiarism and ethical behaviors regarding intellectual property.

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Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship

Learn your rights as a digital citizen and how you can use your digital powers responsibly.

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According To The U.S. Constitution, The Purpose Of Copyright Is To...
Module 1: Copyright

Learners will understand their responsibility to teach ethical use of intellectual property.

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