Freedom Of Speech

In the constitution there are Bills of rights to protect the people for the government one of them is freedom of speech.

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Step #1 Pre-Revolutionary War Video Timeline
American Revolution, Early Government, Jefferson And Jackson

This is the Unit 2 Description for American Studies in 2013-2014

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Bill Of Rights Match Game
Bill Of Rights

TEKS 8.20 A and B Summarize the rights in the Bill of Righs

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Judicial Branch - The Constitution In Plain English
Kaz's Projects

This contains Kaz's websites for the NETA and TICL presentations.

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YouTube - The Three Branches Of Government: How They Function - Preview

Review the branches of Government, the Constitution, the Bill of Right and Federalism

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School House Rock - The Constitution
"The U.S. Constitution And You"

A story by Syl Sobel

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Principles Of The Constitution - Video Series

This is a 9 part series brought to you by FreedomProject Education that briefly covers the entire United States Constitution. The episodes are as follows; The Preamble Limited Government Legislative Powers & Limitation...

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Assignment Discovery: End Of The Civil War : Military Channel
The History Of The 14th Amendment

This playlist describes the history of the 14th amendment, including major historical events, Supreme Court cases, and historical documents.

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Social Studies Test


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YouTube - Colonialism In America Explained: US History Review
Principles Of Government

The six main principles of government in the United States Constitution

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