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Keyboard Hotkeys And Shortcuts

These are great article from Lifehacker that have help learn different Keyboard Hotkeys and shortcuts. Which has made my life easier!

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Use For Outline
Picking A Windows Laptop

How to choose the a fantastical laptop. Confused with intel or amd processors? What the heck is RAM?

By Kris Chinosorn Steps: 5 Views: 4589

CCNA - Career Certifications & Paths - Cisco Systems
CCNA Certification 1 - Resources And Overview

This playlist will be my repository for information as I work through my way of studying for the Cisco CCNA certification

By Michael Nowicki Steps: 4 Views: 3605

Download VirtualBox
Install Ubuntu In Virtualbox

This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing virtualbox, setting up a virtual machine, and installing Linux's Ubuntu OS. (for Windows)

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How To Make A Web Site Part I:
How To Make A Web Site: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Lifehacker put together this great lesson on how to create a Wed Site.

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How To Build A Computer From Scratch, Lesson 1: Hardware Basics
How To Build A Computer From Scratch

Lifehacker put together a great set of lessons on how to build a computer from scratch.

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Facebook Guy Talks About Learning To Code
Hour Of Code - Computer Science

Watch these videos created by

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President Obama Calls On Every American To Learn Code
Computer Code

Watch the videos to learn why computer science is so important!

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Paul Root Wolpe: It's Time To Question Bio-engineering | Video On
Engineering TEDtalks

A broad range of TEDtalks about various branches of Engineering.

By Laureen Cantwell Steps: 26 Views: 14435

Pc Hardware Assembling

pc hardware assembling

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