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Build A-Communication Platform

Free softwares.... Get your team communicating as soon as possible.

By Saidy Smeenk Steps: 10 Views: 5692

Building A-Startup, A-Team And A-Communication Platform. - MentorMob
Got It

Design Thinking

By Antonios Bouris Steps: 19 Views: 9108

Got It
In Pursuit Of 'Inbox Zero'

A look at the modern day blight of the over-brimming email inbox and the pursuit of what's been termed 'inbox zero'.

By Zoe Breen Steps: 12 Views: 5610

Hotmail To Be Replaced By Outlook
The NETS In Real Life

We live in a digital world, and use digital learning skills every day. The ISTE NETS (national educational technology standards) describe these skills, and this playlist helps you explore how to use what you already know...

By Ferdi Serim Steps: 7 Views: 5816

First Thoughts And Questions
MSDSC Communication & Collaboration Tools

Teacher Tools for Communicating and Collaborating with Students and Colleagues!

By Kelly Clifford Steps: 15 Views: 4463

Edmodo | Where Learning Happens | Sign Up, Sign In
How To Make A Campaign

In this mentormob playlist, you will discover ways to create an ad campaign to promote a product or an idea. You will need to take careful notes so that you can use this information to create a campaign that will inform...

By Brandon Bufe Steps: 5 Views: 14647

How To Make Campaign Buttons At Home
Communication And Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

By Carlene Walter Steps: 22 Views: 6957

Google Drive
W2-Tony Vicent-Communication & Collaboration

Web-based tools that can fuel communication and collaboration among students in the same classroom and among students anywhere in the world. Highlighted websites connect learners by text, voice, video, whiteboard spaces,...

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 4 Views: 1407

Tony Vincent

This is a brief description of how to use SKYPE.

By Cary Fields Steps: 8 Views: 1835

What Is SKYPE?
Suffolk County REMSCO Using OPI Translate With On-demand Live

1888 Press Release - When Seconds Count: OPI Translate will be delivering fast live language interpretation in over 200 languages to aid Suffolk County Emergency Medical Service personnel communicate in crisis situations...

By Donald Hood Steps: 1 Views: 260

Suffolk County REMSCO Using OPI Translate With On-demand Live Interpretation To Eliminate Language Barriers At Emergencies

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