Classroom Use Of Technology

El Altimetro
Radio Ayudas

Tools that can be used to flip the classroom

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 10 Views: 34676

Planning For Process-based Instruction
Using Mentor Mob In The Classroom

I created this learning playlist to help instruct my students in educational technology how to use Mentor Mob to flip the classroom for their own students and to have their students use it to share their learning.

By Justin Marquis Steps: 7 Views: 8607

SMART Exchange - USA
SMART Board For The Classroom!

This playlist will provide numerous resources to help optimize your SMART Board lesson within your classroom!

By Imm Lab At Wiu Steps: 4 Views: 3893

Flipped Classroom

How to change the way you learn

By Cathy Mundy Steps: 0 Views: 0

#FlipClass Twitter Chat 8/20/2012

This is a playlist of different tools that make your flipped classroom possible. Hosted by Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo)

By Eric Pitt Steps: 29 Views: 14980

InstaGrok | A New Way To Learn
Brandy's Digital Toolbox

A collection of Tier 2 tech tools that I love.

By Brandy Lochrie Steps: 1 Views: 1280

Brainstorming And Idea Sharing

This is a great visual mapping program that can be used to brainstorm in the classroom. Ideas can be shared, there are also pictures available for if you have a younger class. I used a writing prompt to start a map as a...

By Brandy Lochrie Steps: 2 Views: 915

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