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Learn Evidence-Based Information About ADHD

There are a lot websites out there that offer natural cures, claim that ADHD does not exist and more. Find information that is based on research, is science-based and offers you education and support.

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Kids With ADHD Do Well With Chiropractic Care
Improve Child ADHD

You can naturally improve your child's ADHD symptoms through diet, meditation exercises and chiropractic adjustments. These are natural ways to treat ADHD. This playlist is provided by the Wellness Source located in Glen...

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Adding Two Or More Small Numbers
Maths is on a mission to shake up education by making learning engaging, efficient, and fun for students. a rich source of audio-visual sequences selected to work with the curriculum to deliver a specific learn...

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Starfall: Learn To Read With Phonics, Learn Mathematics
Adding 1

Students will be introduced to addition.

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Zero The Hero By Joan Holub & Illustrated By Tom Lichtenheld - Safeshare.TV
Adding 2

Students will listen to a song and play an addition game.

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ADD 'EM UP! (song For Kids About Adding +1 Up To Ten) - Safeshare.TV
Adding 3

Students will practice their adding skills.

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COUNTING SONG 1+1 (For Kids ♫) - Pancake Manor - Safeshare.TV
Adding 3 - Copy

Students will practice their adding skills.

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The Adding By 2 Song (Math Facts) - Addition Song For Kids | Silly School Songs - Safeshare.TV
Adding 4

Students will practice their addition skills.

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