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College Life At Northwestern

Welcome to NU incoming freshman! This playlist of articles and videos will give you everything you need to get quickly acclimated to your new life at college. We're excited to have you as part of the Northwestern family,...

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Sexy Strings

Sometimes string theory seems like it might be impossible to understand... but it's not! Anyone can understand the basics..

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How To Become A Teacher
Becoming A Teacher

Follow through the journey of becoming a teacher with

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Welcome To Girls Learn International
Girls Investigate: Our Views On Media

Women's Media Center and Girls Learn International, Inc. Release Part 3 of Girls Investigate: Our Views on Media This series features original commentary and video by young feminists.

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How To Score Higher On The SAT
SAT Prep

Testing is not fun, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you are prepared. This Learning Playlist has great advice, articles, videos and tools to help you prepare for SAT testing.

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An Inside Look At The ACT
ACT Prep

This playlist is an inside look at the ACT. From registering to prepping to getting your scores.

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How To Play A Melody From Reading Piano Sheet Music
Sight Reading Music

This playlist will teach you how to sight read music so that you can play on the fly!

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Repeated Addition

Learn how to multiply without just memorizing the multiplication table.

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Faites Grandir La Tour Eiffel !

The City of Lights: Discover the treasures of Paris! This playlist includes popular sites to visit

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Software I Use

variety of different software

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