Animal Classification
How Animals Live (Ch.2)

SC.F.1.2.3 knows that living things are different but share similar structures. SC.F.2.2.1 knows that many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents of the organism, but that other characteristics are...

By Jessica Scully Steps: 2 Views: 1071

Bang On Time
Time-3rd Grade

Learn about telling time and elapsed time playing several different games.

By Thanh Le Steps: 4 Views: 1276

Parts Of A Plant | Videos For Kids
Parts Of A Plant Unit Of Study

Move your way through the steps to learn about the parts of a plant

By Kim Buechler Steps: 5 Views: 1082

Polygon Or Not?
Geometry Review Games

Review geometry vocabulary and concepts with these fun games

By Christine Pesqueira Steps: 6 Views: 1918

Some Suggestions
Turkey Project

Writing about becoming a turkey.

By Denise McCabe Steps: 4 Views: 2849

Britannica School
Missouri Monument

Research a famous American.

By Kristen Cotner Steps: 5 Views: 7853

Native American Culture

Teac 259 Webquest

By Jordan Murphy Steps: 8 Views: 1528

IXL Math Practice - Multi-step Inequalities (Third Grade)
Equations & Inequality

Students will learn how to solve basic addition and subtraction problems involving equations and inequalities.

By Amber Cook Steps: 3 Views: 1139

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