Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
Using Technology To Maximize Instructional Time

This playlist is an organized collection of strategies designed to help teachers efficiently utilize technology as a tool for learning.

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Flipped Classroom
Flipped Classroom SCSD

A playlist of resources on the concept of the flipped classroom for the "What it Means to be a 21st Century Teacher" Course Summer 2012

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First Thoughts And Questions
The NETS In Real Life

We live in a digital world, and use digital learning skills every day. The ISTE NETS (national educational technology standards) describe these skills, and this playlist helps you explore how to use what you already know...

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Thimble Hacktivity Kit
Thimble Teaching Kit

This page lists the contents and learning objectives of the Mozilla Thimble Hacktivity Kit. These hacktivities and resources will help people learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker aroun...

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Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit
Revolutions In Media Hacktivity Kit

Explore how media influences culture and society. Use Popcorn Maker to remix context and bring stories to life.

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Remix Hacktivity Kit
Remix The Web Hacktivity Kit

Learn how to remix images, video and stories. Or just about anything on the web!

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TASCasaurus Hacktivity Kit
TASCasaurus Hacktivity Kit: Remixing With Middle Schoolers

These hacktivities and resources will help middle school students learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker around with web pages using the X-Ray Goggles and remix to make their own webpage...

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YouTube - What Is 21st Century Education?
What Is 21st Century Learning?

This playlist attempts to give a definition and some description to the concept of 21st Century Education concerning schools, teachers, and students.

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How 21st Century Thinking Is Just Different
Blended Learning

This playlist has been created to answer the question "What is blended learning?" I was confronted with the question while watching a YouTube clip about the harm that could happen if blended learning failed to achieve it...

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YouTube - WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM By Steven Johnson
Great TALKS About 21C

Different thinkers and idea makers who are talking about the only thing worth talking about in education; 21C Learning.

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