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Summer Reading

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Why Chromebooks?
Chromebooks In Education

Here are a number of resources to help schools and educators using Chromebooks to enhance teaching and learning.

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Jason Markey - Spotlight Session
Th-S1-Jason Markey-Empower Your Students Through 1:1 Access

Th-S1-Jason Markey-Empower Your Students Through 1:1 Access

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1 Student 1 Technology Model

Also known as 1:1, schools across the globe are putting a device in every student's hand. This shift is changing the face of education! Here are some great resources and helpful tips to implement 1:1 :)

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The Power Of Educational Technology: Schools Today Should Be...
Transforming The 21st Century Classroom

A list of sites and ideologies and premises that I want to embrace in my classroom.

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