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LessonPaths Innovators: Crystal Kirch

It’s hard to talk about flipping a classroom without building on the work of Crystal Kirch, a math teacher and department chair of her Southern

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LessonPaths Innovators: Marisa Kaplan

Marisa Kaplan specializes in Special Education and created EdGeeks in order to bridge the gap between home and school. @EdGeeks | When we first

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LessonPaths Innovators: Alison Anderson

Follow Alison @tedrosececi and view her blog at My favorite thing about social media is its power to connect people who would never have met otherwise. And

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LessonPaths Innovators: Keith Heggart

Find Keith on Twitter @keithheggart and view his blog at Keith Heggart is a dedicated teacher from Sydney with a knack for incorporating tech tools like

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Announcing the LessonPaths Innovators in Education

The LessonPaths Team is saying Thank You to the innovators who have gone above and beyond to help make learning free and accessible for the entire

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