MentorMobEDU is now LessonPaths

Two years ago we introduced MentorMob to help people share and curate learning playlists made of the web’s best information. Two years later, we are on six continents (still looking for that teacher in Antarctica), and are amazed everyday by our active community or teachers, students and enthusiasts.

However, whether you knew this or not, before today there were two MentorMob websites: MentorMob, a lifestyle learning site and MentorMobEDU (now LessonPaths), a site for sharing and curating web content.

As both of the sites continue to gain traction and buzz, we wanted to alleviate any confusion between the two as they are equally valuable for different reasons; LessonPaths as a strong education tool and MentorMob for one definitive learning path for starting, enhancing or mastering any hobby or skill.

Rest assured, aside from the name change, NO other changes have been made to LessonPaths. All of your account information and content is still secure and accessible on this site or as a widget on other sites, and the LessonPaths team is still here to respond to any inquiries.

Stay up to date with LessonPaths on Twitter and the LessonPaths Blog, and don’t be shy in reaching out to Eric about guest blogging.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot on the future MentorMob site too. If you liked LessonPaths, you’ll love MentorMob too.