Watching Kris Chinosorn and Vince Leung’s smiling faces on the massive NASDAQ screen overlooking Times Square made me feel a lot of things at once.

But the most overpowering feeling was clear: maybe we’re really going to make it. Maybe we have the talent and timing necessary to be the one out of every ten startups that succeeds so we can make learning free and accessible around the world.

Times Square Team Shot

Everyone is paying attention but me. You can see Kris & Vince at center left on the big screen.

I get more hopeful every day that education really is about to split wide open. And Learning Playlists on everything from Using Twitter as a Teacher to Snowboarding for Beginners to Next Steps after a Cancer Diagnosis have a real chance of making learning online less intimidating and more engaging than ever before.

Watch us on FOX NEWS!

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Our team’s trip to New York to support MentorMob’s cofounders was a bit of a fever dream. We flew in at different times on different airlines from different cities over last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and we each couch surfed with various friends, relatives, and MentorMob sympathizers all over New York.

hotel getting ready

Prepping for our big moment. Being so beautiful takes hard work.

We ate a delicious roast duck dinner together at Big Wong King in Chinatown, threw back some pickle-back shots at the one-of-a-kind Whiskey Tavern, and pushed through the morning after to rub shoulders with dozens of Chicago’s most ambitious business leaders at the Vedder Price Innovation Awards winners luncheon—all to celebrate our accomplishments over the last two years and get fueled up for all the hard work to come.



2013 is going to be a big year, and we’re so grateful to our families, investors, and the hundreds of thousands of MentorMob users around the world who teach us something new every day.

And we’d love you to join us by creating a Learning Playlist on a subject that’s deeply important to you. Because you’re the best at caring about the things you care about, and we can’t do this without you.

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