FreedomProject Education has brought their education video content online to the LessonPaths community, and we love how it looks! Click through the playlist below to spend one minute learning about each American President.

FreedomProject Education’s Motto, Mission and History 

Motto: ”A Classical Education in the Tradition of America’s Founders”

Mission: “To empower Americans to understand, enjoy, and preserve the freedom and moral responsibility embodied in America’s founding principles.”

History: FreedomProject Education is a K-12 virtual education institution, founded by the American Opinion Foundation. Established in 2005, American Opinion Foundation, Inc. performs charitable, scientific, literary and/or educational services through community outreach activities. In keeping with AOF charter, FreedomProject began as an extensive free online resource for Americanist education in the classical style, based on the principles and core values modeled in the era of America’s founding. On September 6, 2011 FreedomProject Education launched the first segment of our school, the 9th – 12th Grade High School Curriculum.

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