The following is a guest post by Ariel Margolis

Welcome to LessonPaths’ Blog! My name is Ariel Margolis and I am an 8th Grade teacher and EdTech coach at Kehillah Schechter Academy. I have used LessonPaths with my students for over 1 year and I think its features are awesome! It, along with the talented LessonPaths team, has helped me on my journey (and my students’ journeys) as we discover the wonderful aspects of (a)  the flipped classroom, (b) personalized and individualized learning, and (c) infusing instructional and educational technology into everyday learning.

When I heard from LessonPaths’ Eric Pitt  that a blog just for people using LessonPaths would be created, I jumped with excitement! What better way to create a Community of Practice (CoP) comprised of and for fellow LessonPaths users? Whether you are a teacher, an EdTech Coach, a Principal, or a Techie; whether you use MentorMob, are considering it, or just stumbled upon it; whether you are a first year or veteran teacher - if you are using LessonPaths then this Community is for you.

It’s a place for us to share our ideas, questions, and comments about how we use LessonPaths in our practice of teaching as well as for each of us to build our PLNs (Personalized Learning Networks). Together, we can learn from one another, share our treasures (why keep our resources a secret?), and  improve our practices.

If you are interested in guest posting, shoot an email to Feel free to comment on this post below and start following the new Twitter handle @LessonPaths.

Sounds cool, right? So what are you waiting for? Join in and tell me your secrets to edtech success below!