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My favorite thing about social media is its power to connect people who would never have met otherwise. And that’s exactly what happened with Alison!  I saw that she was talking about educational technology with a LessonPaths follower on Twitter, discovered she was a Chicago native, and gave her a shout.

A few tweets, emails, and phone call later, it turned out Alison was already heading to Chicago to visit family a couple of weeks later.  We invited her to our offices to hear more about her experiences in the classroom, and we immediately bonded over her passion for using edtech and her can-do attitude. There is clearly a need for intelligent tech tools for teachers, and Alison is determined to find one that make sense for her students, their families, and fellow teachers. Thanks for your smiling example, Alison!

As a technology teacher – and really, a geek in general – I am always suggesting apps or tools to my colleagues that may enhance the learning that is happening in their class. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to explain it thoroughly enough to allow them to feel confident to try and use that new tool.

So now, instead of just sharing a resource in a conversation or sending a link, I can quickly throw together a LessonPaths playlist with instructions on how to use the tool, ideas for application of the tool, and actual examples of how the tool has been used in the classroom. I know my fellow teachers who are not so confident with trying new technologies will feel much more open to it if I can provide a step-by-step playlist so they will know what to expect and how to use it.

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Alison is a K8 Tech teacher at Holy Cross, a mom, Chicago native, Marquette basketball fangirl, track coach, and blogger.