A quiet buzz hums from the amplifier. I slowly strum an opening chord and approach the microphone. I start to groove with the music and the music groves with me. With aching sincerity, I sing the heartfelt words that have gotten me through my toughest times: “Just dance, and it’ll be okay, doo doo da dum.”

Wait… What?

Okay. So maybe I’m just sitting in the basement playing to myself, and I probably should have chosen a better song (Gaga, anyone?). But I honestly do enjoy it because it honestly will be okay. I’m learning. I’m learning so when I do play in front of a sold out stadium, I can spread musical joy with wit and fervor of Lady Gaga proportions. And yes, I would argue that a poor rendition of a song by the world’s newest Queen of Pop counts as a positive learning experience.

I’ve always liked to learn, try new things, and step out of my comfort zone. Simply put, it’s fun and exciting. And I like fun and exciting (who doesn’t?). So far, through school, the internet, classes, and friends, I have attempted to learn guitar, piano, drums, singing, beatboxing, hip-hop dancing, tango, hockey, baseball, basketball, juggling, boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, speaking Spanish, reading Hebrew, card tricks, improv, stand-up comedy, filmmaking, screenwriting, the Insanity Workout, Crossfit, poker, fantasy sports, and now, blogging.

I say this not to brag (my Rock Band honed drumming skills, for example, aren’t quite tour ready :)), but rather to show that anyone can learn and do anything. It may sound idealistic, but in this generation, it’s true. Anyone can learn anything. It’s easy—all it takes is time, dedication, and imagination.

I have to admit, I’ve asked myself more than once—so where was MentorMob when I started really investing in learning all these new things?

MentorMob’s mission is basically to organize everything online that I could ever want to learn, which helps explain why I believe in it so strongly. Without MentorMob’s help, I learned through many different sources that I tracked down by myself one at a time. I learned guitar through watching John Mayer videos, tango through classes in Argentina, Jujitsu through a school club. But MentorMob is a centralized learning community that would have saved me a lot of time searching for the right stuff.

I don’t believe for one second that you should “stick with what you know” just for the sake of it. In fact, I have found that, while more challenging, it’s even more fun learning something that doesn’t come easily because it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Of course, nobody is perfect at everything they try, but as Tim Ferriss is fond of saying, “it’s entirely possible to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of many.”

MentorMob can help you accomplish this. And best of all, it’s free!

So what’s up next on my list of new things to try? In the short term, I want to learn to whistle—mostly so I can annoy everyone with my whistling-renditions of Katy Perry hits. But throughout the rest of the year I plan to try travel hacking, krav maga, salsa dancing, and web development.

What do you think? Post a suggestion and maybe I’ll give it a try!

Adam Croft is a Buzz Marketing Hitman at MentorMob