So when an e-learning conventioneer tells you their company “specializes in building custom flash applications and delivering them in a variety of media platforms,” what exactly do they, um, mean?

Let’s start this way: it’s easy to forget that the Web is 20 years old. In that time, it has fundamentally changed the way we access and share information. Communication is instant now, but due to the overwhelming volume of information online and the many ways it can be viewed, stored, and shared, the challenges organizations face in communicating clearly and effectively is greater than ever.

So what the conventioneers mean is this: No matter how well produced your instructional materials are, they have to be presented and delivered on a platform that’s engaging, easily updated, compatible, and user friendly.

LessonPaths’ DevLearn Expo Information-Degarbling Team

Take for example global companies that are constantly training new employees. How can they take advantage of a cost effective and instantly updateable e-learning platform without inflicting catatonic boredom on their staff?

Or what about non profits that need to familiarize their already-busy volunteers with a teaching curriculum from the comfort and convenience of their own homes? How can they ensure the information is easy to access and digest?

The success of e-learning doesn’t just depend on the quality of the learning content. The information delivery system—the platform used to present the instructional materials—must be easy to use and engaging.

So when we say LessonPaths is a new and easy way to learn anything online, we mean that it’s an intuative e-learning platform that allows organizations to efficiently and effectively train, inform, and update their employees or clients.

It’s your data, de-garbled.